Tri-County Fair            July 12, 13, 14, 15,   2018

2017 Tri-County Fair Open/ND Jr. Point Show Champion and Reserve Winners


Grand Champion Overall Swine Gilt - Brock Wendel    
Reserve Champion Overall Swine Gilt - Ty Kulsrud     
Grand Champion Overall Market Swine   - Zachary Lahlum   
Reserve Champion Overall Market Swine - Jill Endres
Grand Champion Overall Swine Boar – Larry Goldade 
Reserve Champion Overall Swine BoarTamara Goldade   
Grand Champion Jr. Swine ShowmanshipTy Kulsrud
    Reserve Champion Jr. Swine Showmanship - Brock Wendel
Grand Champion Sr. Swine Showmanship – Brett Wendel    
    Reserve Champion Sr. Swine Showmanship - Jill Endres



Grand Champion Overall Ewe - Cody Blegen
    Reserve Champion Overall Ewe – Mollie Robbins
Grand Champion Overall Ram - Mollie Robbins 
    Reserve Champion Overall Ram – Addie Robbins
Grand Champion Market Lamb - Cody Blegen
    Reserve Champion Market Lamb - Brooke Skoglund
Grand Champion Jr. Sheep ShowmanshipTrey Skoglund 
    Reserve Champion Jr. Sheep Showmanship - Isabel Wendel
Grand Champion Sr. Sheep ShowmanshipBrooke Skoglund
    Reserve Champion Sr. Sheep Showmanship - Lane Bell



 Grand Champion Meat Goat Doe - Bradyn Lachenmeier
    Reserve Champion Meat Goat Doe - Mollie Robbins
Grand Champion Meat Goat BuckMollie Robbins
Grand Champion Market Goat - Dylan Lachenmeier
    Reserve Champion Market Goat - Carlie Kieffer
Grand Champion Dairy Goat Female - Bradyn Lachenmeier
    Reserve Champion Dairy Goat Female - Megan Monson
Grand Champion Dairy Goat Buck - Macy Monson
    Reserve Champion Dairy Goat Buck - Kennedee Petersen
Grand Champion Jr. Goat ShowmanshipKali Norton 
    Reserve Champion Jr. Goat Showmanship - Dylan Lachenmeier
Grand Champion Sr. Goat ShowmanshipMollie Robbins    
    Reserve Champion Sr. Goat Showmanship - Morgan Dutton



 Grand Champion Dairy - Bradyn Lachenmeier 
    Reserve Champion Dairy- Macy Monson
Grand Champion Jr. Dairy ShowmanshipMacy Monson     
    Reserve Champion Jr. Dairy Showmanship- Katelyn Engelhart
Champion Sr. Dairy Showmanship
Bradyn Lachenmeier


 Grand Champion Beef Female - Brooke Skoglund 
    Reserve Champion Beef Female - Haley Anderson
Grand Champion Market BeefBryce Beitelspacher
    Reserve Champion Market Beef – Trey Skoglund    
Grand Champion Jr. Beef ShowmanshipCora Schaunaman
    Reserve Champion Jr. Beef Showmanship - Drew Anderson
Grand Champion Sr. Beef ShowmanshipHaley Anderson 
Reserve Champion Sr. Beef Showmanship - Brett Wendel


Round Robin Showmanship

Grand Champion Jr. Round RobinCora Schaunaman

Grand Champion Sr. Round Robin - Haley Anderson


2017 Small Animal Champions and Reserve Champions


 Pets (Dogs, Cats Rabbits) 
 Grand Champion - Javen Entzi    
Reserve ChampionKatelyn Engelhart


 Overall Rabbit

 Grand Champion – Hailey Metzger     
Reserve Champion - Carsten Engelhart 


 Overall Poultry

Grand Champion - Kali Norton 
    Reserve ChampionKenady Gross


 Kiddie Show Participants

 Audry Bader, Allison Meidinger, Emma Meidinger


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